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I’m the author of Homeschool Teacher — you can read the first third online at www.katelairdbooks.com or buy the book from Amazon USA. (If you’re not in the USA, see this page for more purchasing options.)

I graduated from Harvard with a degree in history, a good set of study skills, the ability to write a one-draft wonder, a passing interest in diesel mechanics, a 100-ton captain’s license, and a severe case of wanderlust.

My first teaching job began seven days after graduation, tutoring three children on a sailboat crossing the Pacific. That “year off” turned into twenty-five, as I worked on boats around the world, sometimes pausing to write about it.

In the middle, I taught for another two years at the University of New Hampshire, while earning an MA in English, but then didn’t think much more about education until it came time to teach my two daughters. The last ten years have been devoted to their educations, as we’ve worked and traveled on the edges of civilization. They’ve had an odd upbringing – working on a charter boat from the age of three (when “working” meant “be quiet”) from Greenland to Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego to New Zealand, through the South Pacific to Japan, and we’re now based in a small Alaskan town, with a good harbor, a ski area, and no roads to the outside world. In the summers, the girls work on our charter boat; in the winters they’re homeschooling high school.

Homeschool Teacher is the book I wanted to read when I began homeschooling: a rigorous, academic approach, in the minimum amount of time a day, that would instill a love for learning and knowledge in my children.

There is a chapter of the book devoted to the particular problems of remote homeschooling, but most of the educational theory and subject area material applies equally to rural, urban, or suburban homeschooling. The focus is on American and UK educational systems, but I have tried to present information for other English-speaking countries as well.

This book is dedicated to:

Helen and Anna, for learning

Hamish, for making it possible

And all my teachers, especially Sally and Dan

I’d love to hear what you think about the book. You can reach me on

mail and facebook and twitter

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