So, you’re considering homeschooling? Most of us felt nervous (panicked?) as we made the decision. Can I do this? Do I have enough education? Will I be able to work with my child? Can I balance work / family demands with homeschooling?

Some reasons for secular homeschooling:

  • You’ve always known it’s what you wanted
  • You live in a geographically remote region
  • Work or travel demands make it difficult to match a 9-month school schedule
  • You move frequently
  • You live in a district with failing or dangerous schools
  • You live in an area where teachers are allowed and sometimes even encouraged to teach materials that are not secular.
  • Your children aren’t thriving in school
  • Your child is gifted and/or learning disabled
  • Your child is bullied at school
  • Your child has an illness or disability that makes school hard or impossible

If you’re in the first four categories, you’ve probably have a bit of time to plan, but if you’re in the latter categories, you may have made the decision yesterday, and are faced with the child at home today, without much time to think about it. Either way works – don’t worry.

The other thing to remember is that homeschooling isn’t an all or nothing decision. Some families have kids in school and some at home; others have children do a year or two at home, then back to public school, and back home again. You usually aren’t required to finish out the year before making the transitions.

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(Image © Anna Laird, 2018)