homeschool-teacher-coverIt’s the middle of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, but for those thinking about homeschooling, now is a good time to start making plans. Are you considering homeschooling for the first time? Where should you start?

After twelve years of homeschooling and four years of researching and writing, I’ve just finished Homeschool Teacher.  It’s a guide for homeschooling teachers for grades K-8 (ages 4 – 14), both for newcomers and old hands looking for some new ideas.  Based on homeschooling experience and academic research, Homeschool Teacher covers how we learn, teaching tactics, specific recommendations for subject areas, how to choose the best curriculum for your family and situation, and above all, how to make school rigorous and interesting, academic and practical. Find out how to meld the best of traditional academics and child-led learning to develop an individual program that will maximize your child’s potential.

You can order the paperback book online with free shipping (minimum purchase requirements may apply):

Or go into most bricks and mortar bookstores and ask them to order you Homeschool Teacher by Kate Laird, ISBN 978-1532715716.

Not available in your country yet? You can order it direct from the publisher here – until 15 October, here’s a $2 coupon to help offset worldwide shipping costs — copy & paste HYHRMEX4 into the discount code box. (Sorry, the code is only valid on books purchased directly from the publisher, not at other vendors.)

You can find a preview of Homeschool Teacher free online at

I hope this book will help you on your homeschooling journey.